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28 | January 2019 Air quality instrumentation: A history By David Pariseau A ir quality monitoring is rela- tively new in the commercial space and we've seen a num- ber of issues and concerns that are remarkably similar to those we faced in the early days of air quality monitoring in the industrial space. This article provides a brief history of the de- velopments of air quality instrumentation in the cleanroom space. It appears that we're at the beginning of similar developments for air quality instrumentation within the commercial space. In fact, we're already seeing many of the key players in indoor/outdoor air quality raising many of these same issues today. For the purposes of this article I'll only dis- cuss particulate monitoring, since it's what I'm most familiar with but similar issues exist with gas sensors, and other environmental sensors to some degree. Particle counting as an industry was born largely to ad- dress yield problems in semiconductor manufacturing. The

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