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IAQnet, LLC strives to use reliable sources and verify data, but makes no guarantee that information is complete or accurate; consequently, readers using this information do so at their own risk. Although persons and companies mentioned herein are believed to be reputable, neither IAQnet, LLC, nor its officers, employees, or contractors accept any responsibility whatsoever for the activities of any such persons or companies. © 2018 IAQnet, LLC 4 | January 2019 DEPARTMENTS 6 | Editorial 8 | News Live Wire Virtual Newsroom 10 | HI Forum 12 | Healthy Indoor Show 14 | Events Calendar Find out about Industry Events INDUSTRY 18 | RADON: Consider Adding Radon as a Service to Your Clients by Henry Slack 22 | RESTORATION: This is What It's Like to be a Crime Scene Cleaner by Carson Kessler 28 | TECHNOLOGY: Air Quality Instrumentation: A History by David Pariseau 34 | Ask Dr. Alice Alice Delia's monthly scientific column. 36 | IAQ Radio — Listen to the online weekly radio show and its archived episodes. CONSUMERS 40 | RADON Radon: The IAQ Menace We Ignore by Henry Slack 44 | Home Performance Minute Grace and Corbett Lunsford, hosts of the PBS series, Home Diagnosis, offer helpful advice in this HI-exclusive video series 46 | May's Ways Jeffrey May's monthly column on improving your indoor environment. 50 | CONSTRUCTION Ways to Construct a Healthy Indoor Envi- ronment by Amanda Lee 54 | Moms Clean Air Force News 46 | Indoor Air Quality in a Multi-unit Building by Jeffrey C. May In this month's installment of May's Ways, feature columnist and IAQ industry expert Jeff May discusses some of the particular issues that face occupants of apartments and condominiums in multi-unit buildings. 44 | Home Performance Minute New PBS series Home Diagnosis co-hosts, Corbett and Grace Lunsford, discuss indoor ventilation and dealing with elevated radon levels in a building in this month's Home Performance Minute for Healthy Indoors Magazine. 40 | RADON: The IAQ Menace We Ignore by Henry Slack Radon causes cancer in humans. The greater the dose, the more cases of cancer. EPA estimates that around 15% of homes have radon levels above recommended action level of 4 pCi/L. Volume 7 No. 1 January 2019

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