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Healthy Indoors | 35 David was the original founder of Lighthouse Associates (now known as Lighthouse Worldwide Solutions) in 1985, Technology Plus in 1995 and SinoEV Technologies in 2009. He co-founded Particles Plus in 2010 which is focused on bringing quality products into the mainstream commercial air quality monitoring space. He can be reached at apart still track just as well. This was a huge boon to an indus- try that needed to be able to rely on such instruments in order to control critical manufacturing processes. So, having delved at some depth into this standard and discussed what this meant for the cleanroom industry and what it might mean for the air quality space we can start to form some thoughts of the kinds of things we might want to consider in an air quality instrumentation standard. We would need to consider how a single such standard might encompass various measurement technologies (I omitted discussing a number of other instrumentation types like electrometers, etc.) into one standard or perhaps a core standard with subsections for specific technologies? In the next installment I'll discuss PM (particle mass) estimation and what some of the challenges are with us- ing mass in estimating air quality with an eye to suggesting some thoughts as to how it might be extended to provide a more intuitive sense of air quality again, drawing on lessons l About the Author David Pariseau is an embedded systems design en- gineer with 36 years of development experience in con- sumer electronics, financial payment, medical devices, lab instrumen tation, industrial controls, and machine design.

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