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16 | July 2019 Build It, and They Will Come F ungi can grow in a variety of environmental condi- tions, from sopping wet to somewhat dry, through a broad range of temperatures, and on a variety of or- ganic materials. The common link is that fungi require nutrients and moisture to grow. Lacking any internal digestive systems, they gather and break down their "food" from surrounding surfaces. Such sources may include attacks on dead organic materials and even other living or- ganisms. Many of what we consider to be problematic molds in our indoor environments have an appetite for cellulose. Unfortunately, our dilemma lies in the fact that we've taken to building our homes, offices and schools literally out of paper-- in the guise of gypsum wallboard products (even the Three Little Pigs knew enough not to build their houses out of paper). Since many molds have an appetite for cellulose, any paper, cardboard, lumber or other "was-wood" products (manufactured wood prod- MOLD: Separating the Facts from the Fiction 1000X microscopic view of Mold "Poster-Child" Stachybotrys —Photo by IAQ Technologies

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