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16 | October 2019 OK , I just couldn't resist the graphic puns, but after over 27 years of being in- volved in the HVAC hygiene industry, I think it's fitting. So, just what IS duct cleaning, and why should you be considering it as part of a proactive maintenance pro- gram for your home or commercial space? "Duct Cleaning" refers to the cleaning of heating, ventilation and cooling (HVAC) systems, including their associated air ducts and components. HVAC systems that supply air to occupant spaces generally incorporate some form of filtration to re- move varying degrees of airborne debris and contaminants from the delivered air. If It Has Filters, Why Do You Need to Clean It? Here's the thing about many of the filters being used on many of the systems out there: They're not very good. If you can hold a clean filter up and look right through it (like with a typical 1" hardware store fiberglass variety), it isn't stopping most of the fine particles that you're likely concerned about breathing in. In most cases, some debris will eventually accumulate within your HVAC systems, filters or not. Many systems have their filtration located near the blower fan in the air handling unit, although some smaller residential systems have a filter located over a central return air grill instead. In any case, debris builds up over time. The dust and debris that gets drawn into HVAC ductwork and the air handling unit itself may be compounded by mois- ture (both moisture that's drawn in from the ambient envi- ronment and what is undesirably carried-over from any AC An Air DUCT Cleaning & HVAC Hygiene Primer By Bob Krell, CIEC, CMRS, LEED-AP, NYS Mold Assessor This article is about DUCT cleaning, not duck cleaning! *&#$! ? %*@*$!

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