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18 | March 2020 N ote: all numbers and percentages are fluid as information is simultaneously vague, scat- tered, missing, or discovered nearly hourly as this situation unfolds. However, great care has been taken to either use close estimates (rounding for simplicity) or to use the latest or most exem- plary data. Confirmation of data was done over time using multiple sources and multiple reports. The most likely cor- rect data was selected for this writing. COVID-19 is the proper name of the viral disease previous- ly called Wuhan virus and currently commonly called Corona- virus. COVID-19 is short for Corona Virus Disease, 2019. The formal name of the virus that causes COVID-19 is "Novel Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2". Novel: because it's new. This is important because it means that humans have no built-up immunity. When humans are infected, they have no defense. This may take more than one infection to be a factor is reducing the severity and risk of symptoms. Coronavirus is the type or family of virus. Named for its shape and appearance, it is also an "enveloped" virus, which describes its molecular and defensive structure; this helps design and choose vaccines, anti-viral medication, and disinfectants (more on that in a separate Lesson). SARS—justlikethefirstSARS,thisisshortfor"Se- vere Acute Respiratory Syndrome". This means it attacks the lungs. Andfinally,"2".Itisthesecondofthistypeofhuman pathogenic virus, the first being the virus commonly known as "SARS". Most people refer to both the disease and the virus as either Coronavirus or COVID-19. The basic but important factors of the disease and the corresponding numbers for COVID-19 are: COVID-19: The Basic Risks You Need to Know about Novel Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 Part-1 by J. Scott Armour, M.S., Health Science, Cleveland, Ohio

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