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10 | January 2021 By Susan Valenti I don't particularly like living in a pandemic. I don't like people dying for any reason. I don't mind wearing a mask or two if I feel safer and the older gentleman behind me at the grocery store is safer. After studying the indoors for more than 30 years, this last year hasn't made me thrilled to spend so much time in it. It has made me realize I need/want a better house. But for all the editorials where Healthy Indoors Publisher Bob Krell said 2020 sucked, I did find many more times in the last year where the indoor environmental needle moved forward. I watched ordinary people realize that IAQ was important from the TV, and I watched many industry professionals I know on that TV. I've outgrown December Year-in-Review articles and I don't like to make predictions, so I'm taking a different route this month with a little of what I've liked, what I'm looking forward to, and what I've noticed in the last year that could have an impact. Here are the topics and questions we need to look in 2021. WELL Celebrities A "Spike Lee Joint" for buildings that provide health and safety? That's right. Spike Lee recently directed the public THE BIG PICTURE WHAT ( AND WHO ) ) TO WATCH IN 2021 By Susan Valenti

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