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House Whisperer by Nate Adams 34 | January 2021 When smart phones came out, I wasn't making a ton of money, so I waited a few generations and bought an iPhone 4. It was a great product at that point, especially com- pared to my uncle's first-generation iPhone. Asking Questions is the Answer In the indoor air quality world, it's really not that hard to serve the mainstream market, most aren't looking for the latest and greatest, they mainly want some certainty that something will work. You can sort them out with questions like: • What have you tried? • Did it work? • How well? • If we try this and it doesn't work, will that be a problem? What happens then? Are you speaking the right language? I' m writing this right after giving a webinar on residential electrifica- tion. One of the key points was that we need to speak to our audience in the language they need. This may seem like a total turn from my usual fare, but it's not, the thinking is baked in. We think a lot about how to get good science-based solutions to scale in the market, hence the BAD ASS HVAC series which is a simple system most HVAC contractors can sell and install, and that provides very good air quality based on best practices and our own research. Before you're all like "oh crap, here comes the marketing BS with tons of potential target markets," know that there are only two main audiences. The early market and the mainstream market. While each of the subcategories needs a slightly different message, the two cate- gories basically boil down to this: • Early market - they like having the latest stuff and they will put up with some crap to do it. • Mainstream market - they want products that are demonstrably better and just work, no drama. They should be easy to buy too. Most of the people we deal with (84% or so) are mainstream market. Oooohhhh, shiny and beating their friends to having something aren't what they want. They just want something that works. I personally am often an early adopter, I had GPS and satellite radio back in 2004. Satellite radio was a pretty mature and easy to use product, but the GPS was a bit finicky. • Would you be interested in trying something cutting edge? Most will shake out as mainstream, and that's fine. For those that are interested in cutting edge methods, they'll help you understand. When you do a scope or bid, offer those with pricing, see what happens. A Bigger Picture The webinar was about home electrifica- tion, which is a much trickier thing from a broad market perspective. It's related to what we talk about in this magazine, done right it helps both indoor and outdoor air quality through a carefully designed HVAC system and by being able to run on clean energy. The trouble is that there is not any crisis like major air quality or health problems driving it, it's almost always mundane - it's time

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