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36 | January 2021 for a new furnace or AC, how much is it for the cheapest thing you've got? The point I was making in the webinar is that most people currently electrifying are early adopters, we are the tip of the spear. We are willing to put up with higher upfront costs and some annoyances. Mainstreamers hate the idea of paying more for a questionable product. They don't care about getting the latest shiny object or beating their friends to the punch - they just want a good product that's easy to buy and substantially better than what they have today. As an early adopter, I constantly have to fight with myself to remember this and make sure I am speaking to a broader audience. Thankfully, we can do this by asking questions and figuring out what each client is looking for. Do you ask your clients enough to decide which group they are in? Should that be added to your standard operating procedure? If you want to learn more, I highly recommend reading Geoffrey Moore's Crossing the Chasm and Selling to Home- owners the Sandler Way by Kim Booker and Chip Boyle. Scaling Air Quality I bring all this up because we'd like to see good air quality in homes become the norm, not the exception. We want to see simple but effective air quality upgrades like media filters with huge ducts, fresh air ducts, and advanced dehumidification capabilities offered to every homeowner. To do that, we've built the HVAC 2.0 program, it's made to speak to mainstream contractors and homeowners alike - we work hard to understand what they want and then provide it. Scaling air quality is why we came up with the BAD ASS HVAC concept - it's made to be pretty simple to understand, sell, and install. That line is meant to appeal to the mainstream market by the way. Done right, good air quality has mas- sive benefits — we're watching that right now during this pandemic where fresh air, filtration, and CO2 levels are becoming known by far more than we have ever seen before. It helps us get sick less and live more productive lives. Done right it's pretty easy and not particularly expensive. It's a good cause. Nate Adams Nate Adams is the author of the Home Comfort Book and has written or spoken for numerous outlets including Healthy Indoors Magazine, the Journal of Light Construction, Green Building Advisor, GreenTech Media, Ohio State University, IAQ Radio, and the HVAC School Podcast. Nate is cofounder of Energy Smart Home Perfor- mance which plans and executes comprehensive insulation and HVAC upgrades to solve client problems. Energy Smart has the most detailed case studies in the industry. He's passionate about helping homeowners and HVAC contractors understand how homes really work so root causes of comfort and health problems can be addressed, not symptoms. These upgrades often result in electrifica- tions where homes are converted to only use electricity, reducing air pollution both indoors and out. He's currently working on the HVAC 2.0 program to train HVAC contractors how to help clients solve comfort and health issues in their homes. Check out case studies at and download much of The Home Comfort Book for free at natethehousewhisperer.comLearn more at: http:// As you all work to grow your business- es and the industry, I highly encourage you to think about how to appeal to not just early adopters, but mainstream consumers. Let's work to make good air quality the norm and not the exception! In the indoor air quality world, it's really not that hard to serve the mainstream market, most aren't looking for the latest and greatest, they mainly want some certainty that something will work. House Whisperer Continued from previous page

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