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Healthy Indoors | 15 • Jordan Peccia, associate professor of Environmental Engineering at Yale University. His research integrates engineering and public health ap- proaches with quantitative molecular biology tools to study human exposure to microbes in the built environment. • Anita van Breda is senior director of Environment and Disaster Manage- ment at the World Wildlife Fund. With more than 20 years of experience in conservation and disaster man- agement, she currently leads WWF's work supporting environmentally responsible disaster recovery, recon- struction, and risk reduction including international policy, operations, and training, and is a member of the WWF Internal Covid-19 Working Group. • Greg Whiteley, chairman of Whiteley Corp. and adjunct fellow in the School of Medicine at Western Sydney University. "To create and maintain healthy buildings, we first need to understand the research," Downey said. "Attendees to this conference will leave equipped with the scientific data they need to make informed decisions around creating and maintaining healthy indoor spaces." The cost for attendance to this three- day live virtual conference is $370 for CIRI and ISIAQ members ($220 for student members) and $505 for nonmembers ($250 for student non-members). For those unable to attend the live event, recorded sessions will be made available later. One year of free ISIAQ member- ship is offered as part of the non-mem- ber registration, providing registrants with access to a full library of additional webinars and research materials. MIAQC Introduces Build Better House Training The Maine Indoor Air Quality Council recently introduced the self-guided training course, Build a Better House. The course will guide attendees through the building and renovating a healthy, energy-efficient homes. When you participate in this course, you'll gain practical knowledge of construction practices that both optimize energy efficiency measures as well as minimize the risk of moisture and indoor air quality problems in new and existing homes. You'll learn that high performance homes are not hard to construct, and how extra efficiency measures have a very reasonable payback — both for the builder and the homeowner. The sessions include illustrations of current Building and Energy Codes (2015); Energy Star Guidelines; Zero Energy Ready Guidelines; and Passive Haus Guidelines. They further introduce basic building science and IAQ principles and incorpo- rate humor to convey the core concepts. The program trainers William A. Turner and David Johnston, provide a perfect blend of building science technique with practical, pound-the-nails guidance. In each session, you'll get: • Proven cost-effective and energy efficient building construction techniques • The physical processes that require attention: how air, moisture, and heat move in and out of a home • Practical strategies to effectively and economically address both energy efficiency and indoor air quality • Case studies from actual projects (participants are encouraged to bring issues to the sessions) • Specific references and resources, such as Codes and Standards; DOE's Building America Solutions Center, EPA's Energy Star with IAQ Plus Sites, Passive Haus; Net-Zero Ready Homes; Aging in Place; and private publications Course participants can attend up to four evening discussion forums that correspond to the four components of the series (Foundations, Building Shell, HVAC, and Renovations). The schedule is: Foundations — Wednesday, January 26, 2022 Building Shell (Envelope) — Wednesday, February 2, 2022 HVAC — Wednesday, February 9, 2022 Renovations — Wednesday, February 16, 2022 The presenters will be available to answer questions, clarify training concepts, and above all, help you get the most from your training experience. These live forums are included with your training access. Attendees will include building contractors and subcontractors, architects, engineers, codes enforcement officials (including TPI's), home inspectors, building supply representatives, product manufac- turers, insurance representatives, mortgage lenders, real estate professionals, and home energy improvement professionals. Contact MIAQC at (207) 626-8115 or

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