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2 | July 2022 ® 30 30 44 44 GUARDRAILS & PARACHUTES: Hope for the Future By Carl Grimes After some reflection, I am now more disappointed than discouraged about the 20-year historical failure of the residential water damage and mold remediation indus- try by degrading from a standard-of-care to a standard-of-practice, with some going further by weaponizing standards against both their customers and competitors. 25 25 MAY'S WAYS: Is Lead Paint Still a Concern? By Jeffrey May Lead paint was banned in 1978, but I live in New England where a lot of the housing stock is older than that. Most people know that exposure to lead paint dust is hazardous, but I still hear stories of homeowners doing renovations themselves and sanding the old paint before applying the new finish. MOMS CLEAN AIR FORCE: Artificial Grass Isn't Always Greener: Toxic Chemicals in Synthetic Turf By Elizabeth Bechard Everyone needs clean air to breathe. But it's especially import- ant for kids with asthma, pregnant women, and newborns, those suf- fering from respiratory illnesses, and people with heart issues.

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