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ADVANCED ENVIRONMENTAL INSTRUMENTATION Measure One Parameter, Measure Many Air Quality Data Logger Plus ® • Multi-probe, 1 up to 32 parameters • Rugged, handheld, for quick walk-thrus • Built-in Camera for enhanced, e… cient reporting • Microphone; audio notes for better documentation • Speaker for on-board help videos, action confi rmation, alarms • Long-term monitoring with WiFi for remote data access and fi le transfer • The worldwide leader for indoor air quality test instrumentation GrayWolf meters. Innovation and reliability for IAQ, IH & HVAC applications. GrayWolf Sensing Solutions Advanced Environmental Instrumentation 6 Research Drive, Shelton, CT 06484, USA 1-203-402-0477 Alternatively connect DirectSense probes to GrayWolf supplied tablets (or to your own Windows PC) Measure Many TVOCs Particulate Particulate Air Velocity Air Velocity Carbon Dioxide Carbon Dioxide Nitrogen Dioxide Nitrogen Dioxide Relative Humidity Relative Humidity Ammonia Ozone Carbon Monoxide Carbon Monoxide Formaldehyde Formaldehyde Di‰ erential Pressure Di‰ erential Pressure …and more …and more

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