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COVER STORY—March/April 2017 8 The King is Dead…Long Live the King! By Jeff Mlekush ed. Indoor environmentalists should be concerned with potential sources of problems other than mold: formaldehyde, lead-containing paints and varnish- es, animal dander, insect skeletons, excrement, asbestos-containing materials, and so forth. So I would turn the focus away from mold for a bit and talk about something else. The mold professionals out there should keep in mind that the fixing of a moisture problem and the associated remediation D o you remember? Back in the cob- webs of your memory - when you could read a trade journal and not even see an article about mold. Do you remember? Back when asbes- tos was king. Lately, most articles about environmental issues in the media have been geared toward mold. This article may prove to be a breath of fresh air - pun intend-

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