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It is the mission of the Women of Indoor Air Quality to encourage industry women to support themselves and one another in their prfessional pursuits by spotlighting women who are making a difference through their professionalism and dedication to the field. 22 | June 2020 I n 1991, Al Dexter founded Air Quality Control Environ- mental, Inc. in Coral Springs, Florida. Today, Al's son, Mike, and daughter, Kelly, carry on their father's legacy as the new owners. Together, this family-owned busi- ness continues to provide their clients with innovative solutions to residential and commercial duct cleaning. For several years, Kelly worked alongside her fa- ther and brother, gaining hands-on field experience and learning first-hand the challenges and rewards of the busi- ness. "My dad would leave jobs covered in fiberglass. He knew there had to be a better solution to cleaning air ducts. He started researching, and eventually perfected the art of duct coating and cleaning," she says. After learning the ropes as a field technician and consul- tant, Kelly became a NADCA-certified Air Systems Cleaning Specialist and Ventilation System Mold Remediator. Now, she is involved in every aspect of Air Quality Control's day- to-day operations, and her leadership has contributed to un- precedented sales growth in recent years. Not only is IAQ Kelly's expertise, it's her passion. Kelly is proud to be at the helm of a company that provides real solutions to people's indoor air quality issues. "The attention to detail we give each and every client, our level of skill, our ability to identify the problem — this is what sets us apart." With each new client comes a unique set of challeng- es. "The top challenge is to find out as much as I can about what is causing their particular problem. Anyone can just clean your ducts.I want to find the source of the problem and proceed from there. The more challenging the better!" While the MVP'sof Kelly's toolbox may be her thermal imaging camera, endoscope and metal duct tape, it's her industry affiliations that serve her most. Kelly holds lead- ership roles in numerous professional associations both regionally and nationally. "These associations have served me greatly throughout my profession by allowing me to learn from of some of the best in the industry, as well as staying current on the latest certifications, standards, code trends and new products. I am constantly learning and evolving from the relationships I have built within these associations." Despite her credentials and years of field experience, Kelly finds that some clients are surprised to learn that a woman will be conducting the inspections and providing the estimates. "Yes, I am the one coming to your house. It's a question I still get asked many times a week." With 15 years of experience under her belt, Kelly has an invaluable perspective on being a woman in the field. So, what advice does she have for future female IAQ pros? "Educate yourself about the industry, be willing to work from the ground up, and network, network, network! Be involved in as many industry organizations as you can, and most importantly, never doubt yourself." Kelly Dexter serves as Vice President of the South Flor- ida Air Conditioning Contractor Association (SFACA) and its affiliate, the Florida Refrigeration Air Conditioning Con- tractors Association (FRACCA), the Board of the Indoor Air Quality Association (IAQA) South Florida Chapter, and also the Membership Committee, Ethics Committee and Anti-Fraud Task Force of the North American Duct Clean- ing Association (NADCA), who recently recognized her as one of the top 30 individuals under the age of 40 in the air duct cleaning industry. She was the only woman to receive this honor. WIAQ Spotlight i Pro: Kelly Dexter, ASCS, VSMR, C-DET Air Wuality Control Environmental, Inc. Coral Springs, FL

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